Yoga at the Downtown Commons

We are excited to announce that a new season of Yoga at the Downtown Commons is ready to begin. This is a perfect opportunity for our community to come together at a safe distance in order to grow ourselves and become stronger.

Jane Manning, owner of NBalance Hot Yoga & Fitness, is returning to guide the practice and as always, the events are FREE. So bring a mat, a bottle of water, and a friend. We can’t wait to see you!

Please practice safe social distancing and healthy habits. Stay six feet apart, wash your hands, and be mindful of others. It is our top priority to keep the community safe and healthy, and should be yours, as well.

Below is a schedule for the season. Please note, as we move into the summer and the sun sets a bit later, times may be adjusted to accommodate the sunset sessions. We will post an updated schedule as it gets a little closer.