The Grove

This urban oasis serves as a respite from the activity of downtown Clarksville.

The Grove accentuates the site’s topography by creating a thicket beneath a series of cascading site walls and terraced seating that form a natural basin. The space is nestled in a verdant copse of river birch that invite visitors to relax in their calming, dappled shade.

The connective tissue of this space is an interactive water feature that is comprised of gently flowing cast stone streams, called rills, that intertwine to create a mosaic of distinct experiences along Second Street and Main Street, before culminating in calmly rippling play delta at their confluence. The water feature takes its inspiration from the geology of the Clarksville region, as well as the Cumberland and Red River hydrology, emerging from stone and coalescing in fun and unexpected ways.

Also along Main Street, a small adventure play area has been tucked into a lushly planted landscape. It is comprised of three limestone boulders, culled from the site during the construction of the Commons, that rest on a fall-dampening surface of recycled material to create opportunities for climbing, sitting, and exploration.