Rain Gardens

The Downtown Commons features four rain gardens.

Rain gardens are also know as bioretention basins, that are Low Impact Development Best Management Practices for the collection, treatment, and infiltration of stormwater runoff within the site. Traditional storm drainage systems divert stormwater surface flow into channelized storm drains, which accelerate the introduction of contaminants into the watershed and focus the promote erosion. The rain gardens at the Downtown Commons accept a majority of the rainwater that lands on the site during a rain event, using the dynamic biology of a carefully selected plant community and uniquely designed soil profile to perform valuable ecosystem services that remove heavy metals, mitigate sediment loading, reduce erosion, and increase the rate of evapotranspiration. What does that mean? Cleaner water to drink, cleaner air to breath, and cooler temperatures in the heat of summer – naturally. Each rain garden is spanned by a generous ADA Accessible boardwalk made of FSC Certified Ipe, a rich hardwood from Brazil that is sustainably and transported, that give visitors the experience of floating over the lush plantings.